Recently, I attended SpaceCom 2015, the first ever conference aimed at commercializing space. George Whitesides was there — the CEO of Virgin Galactic. So was Ellen Ochoa, the Center Director for Johnson Space Center and first hispanic woman EVER in space. Even Charlie Bolden was there — NASA Administrator and two-time shuttle astronaut! I had a quick second… Read More

Artist's Rendering of a Space Hotel

Read time: <2 minutes   As the holidays swiftly approach, I thought I’d write a quick article on the future of air transportation. The ways American’s travel are already transforming… Quickly. Through innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and technological advances, soon enough we won’t be traveling to Minnesota to visit Grandma… Or Patagonia to go glacier-ing (I know).   Recently, Blue Origin’s Shepard… Read More

Karuna Patel is Magnanimously Magnificent! She is a bold believer and practitioner of mastering the creation of your life, This really is her introduction. She is a healer and scientist that has a passion for connecting the wisdom and science to a higher level. She is the Founder of Turtle Rabbit Physical Therapy San Francisco’s Premier… Read More

At the end of Treatise on Painting, Leonardo da Vinci wrote, “These rules are intended to help you to a free and good judgement: for good judgement proceeds from good understanding, and good understanding comes from reason trained by good rules, and good rules are the children of sound experience, which is the common mother of… Read More

Ethan Perrin is 17 year old self-taught student at the Tesla STEM High School, fascinated with engineering, electronics, and videography. His awards include first place at National History Day 2013 for his documentary on Nikola Tesla, first place at Imagine Tomorrow 2014 for work in cellulosic ethanol, and most recently third place in the category of… Read More

Cassandra is a high school senior from Westerly, RI, whose work founding Project Turn Grease into Fuel (TGIF) has been recognized nationally and internationally. What is, TGIF? TGIF is a sustainable program that collects waste cooking oil from residents and restaurants, refines it into biodiesel, and then distributes the fuel to families who cannot afford… Read More

Azza Cohen is a rising senior at Princeton University, where she studies History. Before beginning her freshman year, she spent a year in India through Princeton’s Bridge Year Program volunteering for Guria, an organization which fights human trafficking through legal and educational interventions. She recently released a documentary, Specks of Dust that that follows the story of this… Read More

In 2006, Daniella started a letter writing exchange with her classmates called ‘Peace Buddies”, where they wrote to students in war-torn areas. Two years later, Daniella met her co-founder, Partha, whose grandparents started the Sahasra Deepika Institute, a residential school that improves the lives of impoverished children in Bangalore, India. Since it’s inception in 2008,… Read More

Andrea Moore is the executive director and co-founder of the Wayfaring Band. Andrea’s background is in social artistry. As a professional working artist she uses writing, performance, and photography to foster connection and dialogue across social and cultural lines. She has a degree in Theatre Studies from Boston University and is a frequent guest teacher,… Read More

From being a featured athlete on, to making the front page of Chinese Fitness and Beauty, Alex Oda is someone to know! Tune in to this podcast to learn more about how Alex incorporates his full-time industrial engineering job with fitness and bodybuilding competitions! Alex is an industrial engineer and bodybuilder. He is also… Read More